Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tips to Prevent Gym Locker Theft

I am one of the Fitness First’s locker theft victims (not exclusive, not special, I was just one among many victims).  I personally experienced Fitness First’s “couldn’t care less” attitude.  I’d like to advise all Fitness First members to take care of your belongings.  No joke!  Fitness First will absolutely disclaim any responsibility for its members’ belongings lost or stolen in the gym lockers.  After uncountable  incidents, there is still no improvement on the lockers’ security and safety.  Any  Fitness First members could be the next victim, just pick a lucky locker number….. you may get a chance to buy a new handphone and new laptop, etc.  If you wish to continue working out in Fitness First, you need to protect your belongings as Fitness First will NOT.  

Here are some tips to prevent gym locker theft:

Tip #1
Put your valuables in your car, which is guaranteed NOT safe but it’s still safer than Fitness First’s locker.

Tip #2

Get your own lock to lock your bag to have “double protection”. Thanks Viv for the tip and picture.

lock your bag to get double protection!

Tip #3

If you think that “double protection” is not enough, the thief might take the whole bag away, bring a chain to chain your bag to the iron bar to get “triple protection”.  Thanks AKW for the tip.

Tip #4

If you think that “triple protection” is still not safe in Fitness First’s locker as the thief may cut your chain, bring your own safety box to the locker.  If the thief can cart away your safety box , he/she will still need to use extra effort to open the safety box (at least not so easy!!). Again thanks AKW for the tip.

Tip #5

If the lock, chain and safety  box  still can’t get you “peace-of-mind” while working out, bring a pouch to carry all your valuables (too bad if you have your company laptop with you, you need a bigger pouch) with you everywhere you go within Fitness First premises …. Including shower room and sauna.  Oh, remember the pouch must be waterproof ya.

This waterproof pouch is useful for Fitness First members.  Suggest Fitness First should include this item as one of the welcome gifts to their new members.
Tip #6

If bringing a pouch still can’t calm you down as you may be worrying that the thief might steal your designer shirts or Calvin Klein underwear, bring your whole gym bag to the class and carry it on the treadmill or use it as “additional weight”.  It definitely helps in calories burning.  Again, the bag needs to be waterproof coz you need to bring it to the shower room.

Guaranteed Weight Loss Programme

Tip #7

If you think that the ideas of bringing a pouch or gym bag during work out are lousy, you may need a specially designed gym wear with many pockets.  Since there is a need among Fitness First’s members, potentially the “gym wear with pockets” could be a hot seller.  Oh, Fitness First could include this into its exclusive merchandise list too.

Workout Sure-Drop Pants

Tip #8

If you are not used to the gym wear with many pockets eg. the pants dropping when you are running on treadmill or you are unable to jump high in your BodyCombat class coz your laptop, mobile phones and wallet in your pockets are too heavy, GET A MAID!  Why? You can bring your maid to Fitness First to take care of your  belongings for you.  At the same time, you can get other gym members to pass all their bags to your maid…. You can even set up a counter there to provide “gym bag security” service, 1 bag RM1.  Perhaps it’ll earn you not only free membership fee but extra income.

Tip #9

If you think all the above are not workable, your maid might runaway with all the bags, DON’T BRING ANYTHING to the gym!!!  No wallet, no IC, no driving license, no money, no car key, how to go to gym???  That one you have to figure out yourself!!

Tip #10

If you think that you are still not convinced , the best is – DON’T GO TO GYM AT ALL!!!!

*     *      *      *      *

By the way, I found this Fan Page on Facebook - To prevent locker thefts, please support and click “like” on the Fan Page.


J.E.(Eddie) said...

Tip #11-Go nude. Nothing for the thieves to steal. Pls don't ask me where to keep your car keys. :)))

shirleyc said...

Eddie, thanks for the tip.... however, you may face another problem if you go nude... see :D

Anonymous said...

Why dont they just knock the existing locks off and let members bring their own combination lock?
no liability on their part and no negative publicity from members bashing them online :)

sKyf1r3 said...

I lost my iPhone4 at FF The Curve and managed to get an appointment recently with the MD and a written reply from the GM. On the bottomline, its theft and there's nothing I can do to recover my losses. Only thing is to create losses for them.

Vivian said...

lol... great tips! and i'm still practicing the double lock! haha.. so sad!

shirleyc said...

I am practicing #1, 5 and sometimes 9... so mah fan!!! :D

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