Friday, July 13, 2012

The Opposite Game

I was trying to make my 3 years 7 months old daughter learn opposite words the fun way.

Mummy : Kate, let's play the opposite game.
Kate : Okay!
Mummy : What's the opposite of "big"?
Kate : Small.
Mummy : Very good! How about "long"?
Kate : Short.
Mummy : Tall?
Kate : Short.
Mummy : Special?
Kate : Ordinary.
Mummy : Straight?
Kate : Not straight at all.
Mummy : Huh??... ahhahaha!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby's Words - "How Old Are You" vs "How Are You"

Conversation with my three years old daughter...

Mummy : When people ask "how old are you?", you should answer "I am three years old."
Kate : Okay.


One day, we bumped into a friend in shopping complex.

Friend : Hello, Kate, how are you?
Kate : I am three years old!!
Mummy : No… baby, when people ask "how are you?", you should say "I am fine or I am good."

Kate stared at me with her blur face, but I knew that she was thinking hard trying to digest what I have just said.

After that incident, whenever people ask Kate “how are you?” or “how old are you?”, her standard answer will be, “I am three years old. I am fine and good!!”….. Faint….

p/s - telephone conversation....

Mummy : Hello, Baby Kate….
Kate : I am three years old and I am fine and good!!
Mummy faint…..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Signs of “Oxidization”

I realized my housemate aka my roommate is reaching his senior citizen stage when:

  • He took a long time to reply my “Words with Friends” (scrabble game) on iPhone and ended up having to play the game on computer coz he couldn’t see the tiny words on his mobile phone screen :D
  • When outsider referred him as “father” to one of our 29 YO friend (my roommate was very upset for a long time :D).
  • Searching high and low for his missing car key at home, couldn’t find it.  Ended up had to use spare key to drive his car.  One hour later he found out the car key was actually in his pocket.
  • The worst case of all was that he kept looking for his cigarette everywhere while the cigarette was already stuck in his mouth.  He only realized it when he tried sticking the 2nd stick of cigarette in. :D

I am trying to console him to think positive:

  • In a couple of years’ time, he can partially withdraw his EPF money for investment.
  • Very soon he can use the “express lane” service for senior citizens at certain counters.
  • Think of all the senior citizen discounts – big saver :).
Not too bad after all :D.

Age "perfectly"? :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

YO!! What's Up?? :D

My daughter has been calling me “yoyee” or "yo" since she was 2.  She is now almost 3 and able to construct quite a good sentence such as “Wow!! Great playground!” (when I brought her to see her potential playschool) or “Baby’s creation” (when she finished baking a new cake on iPad) or “Wow!! This is tasty!” (when she’s enjoying her M&M), etc….. but she is still calling me “YOYEE”!!!

We keep asking her why I am “yoyee”, of coz she doesn’t know how to answer us at this stage.  We actually found out that she pronounces “M” as “Y”.  

Monkey = Yonkey

Mei Mei (her cousin) = Yei Yei

Mickey Mouse = Yickey Youse

Minnie Mouse = Yinnie Youse

Chipmunk = Chipyunk

That’s why I am either “yoyee” or “YO!!”.

Because of her, all my friends started calling me “yoyee” as well, I actually quite like the nick name :).   

My dad aka Kate’s grandpa who doesn’t understand English, keep asking her, “Why are you calling your mummy ‘鱿鱼’ (squid)? ” :D

P/s : Daddy is very jealous coz I got a very unique and exclusive nick name from her just like her “Ah B” :D. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When I was young, I was “assigned” to share a queen size bed with my younger sister in a room.  Initially, we were given two pillows and one big bolster to be shared.  How to share one bolster?  So, we fought every night for the bolster.  Mum was busy every night trying to sort us out (we got canned every night  :D).  In order to solve the problem, she made us another new big bolster.

After handing the new bolster to us, mum happily thought she had solved the problem and was able to have a goodnight sleep since then.  Unfortunately the new bolster couldn’t satisfy the two little devils, we fought again!!  We fought for the old bolster coz the new bolster was too hard and not nice to cuddle :D

Back to square one, mum was still very busy sorting us out every night.  Those day, very often you’d see my mum holding a cane hiding at the side of our room entrance, spying for the culprit who started the fight :D.

The fight was going on till I had my very own room. After that, my sister was “assigned” to share room with my youngest brother.  The fight continued there.  Poor little girl :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Most Memorable Hotel Experience

Summer 1999, Kelvin, Alan, Peter and I took a trip from London to Amsterdam.  Heard there would be plenty of budget hotels, so we didn’t bother to pre-book our accommodation.  Kelvin, Peter and I were carrying our backpack while Alan was dragging his luggage.  I remembered when we stepped out of the Central Station, we just crossed the road and walked towards the famous red light district.  Just right at the corner of the entrance to the red light district, we saw a building with a big signboard hanging outside named “HOTEL”.  It was a typical old classic Holland building, it looked quite dodgy but “low budget”.    The receptionist was an old man, we decided to send Kelvin to check it out.  5 minutes later, Kelvin returned and told us happily, “10 pounds per night per person, damn cheap man!! We settle here lah!”  Everybody agreed.  So, we took the key and the old man showed the direction of our room.

The “hotel” is conveniently situated next to Amsterdam famous red light district :D

Unique Fixtures

The entrance to our room was located at the side of the building (next to a canal).  Once we open the entrance door, we could see the stairs slanting 75 to 80 degree  leading from ground floor to the room at the1st floor.  We had to walk carefully coz the stairs were narrow and steep.  When we opened the door to our room (budget travel – 4 persons shared a room :D), we could see a double decker bed, a captain’s bed (all with different design bed sheets), an old dilapidated table, a few wooden chairs and 4 different sizes  “worn out”  towels.  Okay… 10 pounds per night, what did you expect?  

Peter and I went for the double decker bed and Kelvin and Alan opted for the captain’s bed.  Since I was the only lady there, I got the priority to choose the towels.  I got the best one – “seasoned” but still in good condition.  Alan got 1 slightly smaller than mine but still good.  Kelvin and Peter each took one.  Kelvin got a big one, he opened it, discovered a big hole in the center LOL!! Peter opened his, only realized that it was slightly bigger than a face towel, not long enough to cover his waist :D :D We all laughed at each other in the room but still couldn’t complain much coz it was CHEAP!!

I went to Amsterdam with these 3 jokers :D

The Dilapidated Table

That night, after dinner and some walkabout in red night district, we went back to the room for Gin Rummy games – using the only table in the room.  We were enjoying the game and when the situation reached climax that we were in the midst of laughing, arguing, scolding and calling each other cheats , suddenly the whole table collapsed!!  HAHA!! All evidence gone (those who lost money were very happy and the winners were cursing and swearing :D)! We got to fix back the table and someone had to hold and support the table while we continue playing the game.  What a lousy hotel :D.

The Steepest Stairs

The next morning, Peter and I went for a walk beside the river.  We forgot about the room key.  Luckily our room was at the 1st floor and the window was wide opened.  We shouted for Kelvin’s help .  Kelvin showed his sleepy face and fluffy hair at the window, 

“What’s up?” 

“Sorry ya, forgot to take key.  Heehee…” 

“Okay… wait.”  

We waited at the door, a few seconds later, we could hear him stepping down from the stairs.  After a few steps, we heard the sound changed to “heavy thing rolling down the stairs” and finished with a “big bang”.   

Door opened, we saw a painful face cursing and swearing , “@#$%^&!! Why forgot to bring key? The stairs are so freaking steep! I slipped down!!”  We felt sorry but we couldn’t stop laughing :D Definitely an unforgettable experience!!

Shot in front of the Central Station, the one behind with blue shirt was the one rolled down the stairs :D
Although we didn’t get to stay in a nice hotel, we really enjoyed that Amsterdam trip.  We laughed about every single small matter and the “HOTEL” really left us with everlasting memory :).

Didn’t manage to take picture of the hotel in 1999. We purposely walked back to the building to take a picture during my recent trip to Amsterdam (19.8.2011)… It’s still there. Now the hotel has a name called “Voyagers Hotel & Coffee Shop” :D

P/s: We do recommend this hotel for very low budget travelers, it’s cheap and cheerful at the very strategic location if you don’t mind shared toilet/bath room and without air-con (now only we realized that this hotel is for "cannabis connoisseurs") :D :D